I have known Dr Malcolm Berry since his days as a PhD student at Imperial College, London.  I have also followed his highly successful career at GSK and have been impressed by his enormous contribution to the company over many years and particularly his recent achievements in continuous processing, manufacturing and flow chemistry.

Malcolm has mastered the art of collaboration across very wide disciplines.  He has made a tremendous impact and has helped to drive a world leading program in the area.  His experience in facing the number of challenges in continuous manufacturing and in global registration place him at the forefront of this new technology.  They, as a team in GSK, have changed the world for the better.

The new knowledge is poised to impact widely particularly in developing a more sustainable agenda for the industry.

As an academic, I have collaborated with Malcolm Berry over a number of years and know him to be a direct, challenging and passionate scientist.  His commitment and overall depth of knowledge is inspirational and brings real value to our joint projects.  It is not surprising therefore he is much sought after as a speaker at major international events.

His unique skill set will serve him well into the future.

Professor Steven V. Ley

University of Cambridge