In January 2020, we invited Malcolm to give a lecture at Servier’s global Intensification Day, held at our facility in Bolbec, France.  We quickly identified the opportunity to work with him on our multi-ton continuous hydrogenation project.  During 2020 we held project meetings with him every month.  In these meetings, Malcolm’s experience was very useful to orientate our development work in the right direction.  His help was very valuable when we presented the project to our executive board members.

In 2021, our collaboration with Malcolm continues with weekly meetings more dedicated to chemistry of the continuous hydrogenation process.

I really appreciate the Malcolm’s honesty in his communication, it really helps us to make progress in flow project management.

Dr Mikaël Paugam, Head of Innovative Technologies R&D Department

Malcolm is currently supporting us in defining the control strategy for a drug substance continuous manufacturing process of one of our pipeline projects. With very comprehensive expertise he brings new perspectives and invaluable ideas to our team. In all our interactions I particularly appreciate Malcolm`s ability to listen and to understand the specific needs of our project thus feeding our brains with tailored advice.

While our team still progresses the project in our way, Malcolm`s advice and perspective help us definitely to take significant shortcuts and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Martin Wunderlich, Head of Process Analytical Technologies. Senior Principal Scientist at Roche SM Technical Development Basel, Switzerland)

Malcolm has provided candid, unequivocal guidance on exactly how to design a flow process to perform efficiently and consistently based on a wealth of first-hand experience.

Malcolm has a thorough knowledge of Regulatory expectations regarding flow chemistry process validation, derived from real world Regulatory interactions.

Along with access to an extensive network of internationally recognized industry experts, Malcolm brings highly specialized expertise to your program when required.  Dr Daniel McGarry.  Venatorx CMC

Malcolm’s contribution to our complex project has been highly valuable and much appreciated. His experience and global view from concept development to manufacturing implementation has been instrumental to further consolidate our development approach and to confirm UCB manufacturing strategy.  Dr Ugo Cocchini, Head of Engineering Sciences, UCB