I have known Malcolm personally as a very experienced process chemist with strong vision and belief in continuous manufacturing. He challenges the norm (batch chemistry) and thinks out-of-the-box in developing flow chemistry. In GSK, his experience and knowledge of flow chemistry has helped improve the process development of batch chemistry as well; the positive competition between flow and batch chemistry development helped to bring out the best potential of process development. He also promotes and contributes to the capability building of flow chemistry across chemists and chemical engineers, in both R&D and Manufacturing spaces.

Malcolm has gained valuable experience in the industrialisation of continuous processing technology through GSK’s cFP project. He worked with diverse cross-functional teams in R&D and Manufacturing to share and align expectations of continuous processing with global regulators.  He also worked closely with me to establish the business case for industrialisation of the first continuous manufacturing process for a commercial API in GSK.

In my view, Malcolm has played an important role to lead the realisation of this ground-breaking technology project across the respiratory supply chain. He had to manage highly complex change management across multiple drug product dose forms and sites, and to help address the technical risks by establishing work packages with various dose form owners.