Dr Malcolm Berry is one of those unique individuals that excels working at the interface between organic synthesis and commercial operations. He is a recognized leader in the development and commercialization of API processes, particularly in advanced manufacturing and continuous production platforms. With respect to his expertise in continuous processing methodologies, his fundamental understanding of the principals of reaction engineering allows him to effectively implement complex, multi-step chemistry in flow, as demonstrated in his masterful work on the fluticasone process for GSK. Malcolm also has a keen eye for new equipment applications that can be employed in a wide range of unit operations for continuous applications; a very important aspect of flow chemistry where there is a significant unmet need.

I have known Malcolm for several years and consider him a tremendous asset to our efforts at the Medicines for All Institute (M4All) as well as the Chemical Life Science Engineering Department (CLSE) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and in this role, he serves as an Affiliate Faculty Member of the CLSE Department. Prior to joining the faculty at VCU, I served as the Executive Director of North American Process Development at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and in my current role as department chair, I have focused on preparing our students for the challenges of the real world. Malcolm has been an extremely valuable resource in the advancement of student engagement as well as in our efforts to increase access to essential medicines around the world.